Development Services: Other Permits

In addition to permits for new construction or alterations of existing structures, the City of Athens Requires permits for a number of other non-building related activities.  Copies of these permit applications can be found on the Forms and Fees page.

Non-Building Related Permits

The following activities require the issuance of a permit, though some may be combined with a general building permit.  

CarportThe construction of a carport, including prefabricated structures. 
Curb CutAny project which modifies the curb and gutter to create a drive.  This shall be approved by both the Development Services and Public Works Departments.  Any proposed drives on state rights-of-way will be referred to TxDOT for additional approval
DemolitionThe demolition of any existing structure or parts of a structure.  An asbestos survey may also be required.
Driveway/PatioThe construction, modification or expansion of a driveway, patio, or deck. 
FenceThe construction of a new fence or replacement of a fence.  This does not apply to minor repairs.
SignsThe installation, alteration, or relocation of any permanent sign.  A permit is also required for the installation of a temporary sign.
Temporary UseThe temporary use of a property for any activitiy that is not allowed under current code.  Examples include outdoor festivals and concerts, block parties, markets, or other similar special events. 

Certificate of Occupancy

A Certificate of Occupancy (CO) is required by our building code for the occupancy of any commercial or multifamily building.  COs are issued once the building City has inspected the building or structure and certifies that no building code violations exist and the development conforms to the approved site plan.

Once granted, a certificate of occupancy remains valid, unless one of the following occur:

  • A change in land use;
  • A change in the occupancy classification of a structure;
  • The structure is in violation of the building code; and
  • The structure is altered subsequent to building permit, requiring reinspection and the reissuance of the CO.

Fire-Related Permits

All fire-related permits utilize the Operational Permit Application Form.  Applicants are highly encouraged to contact the Developmetn Services or the Fire Marshall to discuss their project prior to submitting an application.

Open BurnThe burning of brush and limbs in coordination of land clearing.  Bush and limbs may not be brought in from offsite and all activities must conform to the outdoor burn policy. 
Fireworks StandRequired for the annual sale of fireworks.  NOTE: New fireworks stands are prohibited in the City of Athens.
Kitchen Hood SystemRequired for the installation of a protective hood system in commercial kitchens.
Fire Alarm SystemRequired for the installation of both residential and non-residential fire alarm systems.
Overhead Sprinkler SystemRequired for the installation of fire sprinklers in commercial and multifamily structures over a certain size.